How does the process work?  
Upon hiring me to commission a piece, you submit a few good-quality close-up photos
of your pet via mail or email.  If desired, you can also submit a brief description of your pet’s personality, quirks or favorite toy. You may choose to include something personal about yourself to integrate into the piece. Before I begin the work, I ask for a 50% deposit and signed
work agreement.  
What is your pricing?  
Standard sizes are 16” X 20” and  18” X 24”.  A smaller or larger painting can be accomodated.  Please e-mail me for prices.
What medium do you use?  
While I refer to my work as ”paintings,” I use chalk pastels on water-color paper. The paper is mounted on foam core and bordered with a thin, wood frame. If you prefer to have your piece custom framed, I will just send the artwork.
How long until I receive my painting?
First I send you an agreement verifying size and cost. Sign it, and send it back to me with photos and a 50% deposit.  Typically, your painting will be ready for shipment within four to six weeks.
What about shipping?
I will notify you when the painting is completed and it will be shipped out fully insured when I receive your final payment.
What if I’m not satisfied with the work?
I recognize that art is subjective.  My work is never trying to be an exact representation of your pet.  The joy of this work is in the interpretation.  I emphasize characteristics I see in your pet that I
am drawn to.
I am happy to say that I haven’t had an unsatisfied customer yet! But, if you aren’t satisfied with the piece, ship it back to me in the same packaging.  Upon receipt, I will refund you the fee for the painting, minus your deposit.
How do I care for the piece?
The artwork is ready for hanging once you receive it.  You simply attach eye screws or other hanging devices to the back.  As there is no glass, care should be taken not to touch the surface.  The
surface has been sprayed with a fixative to prevent unnecessary rub-off.  Hang in an area away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Enjoy!  Thank you for your interest.
MHM ANIMAL POTRAITS CONTACT : email tel. 805.801.6438