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Michelle grew up in a New Jersey artist’s home
where imagination ran wild. Her father, a
creative director and illustrator, and mother, an avid cook
and enthusiastic host, nurtured her creative spirit.
“My dad encouraged us to do projects with him while he worked.  
He had millions of the ”real” kind of markers that I loved to smell
and perfect little sticks of pastels in every color,”  
she recalls.
Michelle received a BFA from New York’s Pratt Institute and then
headed to California.  Among her many occupations, she’s worked
 as a scenic painter in the entertainment and trade industries,
designed furniture and created a line of playhouses.
Today she enjoys creating pastel pet potraits with those sticks
of pastels discovered long ago.  Her emphasis in dog paintings
combines her love of portraiture and
appreciation of individuality which is
expressed in her bold, graphic style.